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BeingArtifex Skillathon’21, India's Biggest School Skillathon

BeingArtifex Skillathon’21, NVCTI, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, successfully ended with flying colours with the amalgamation of around 1000+ students, 20+ NGO Collaboration, and around 150+ Schools’ extensive involvement. It had a great kick-start, with the registration period lasting for one month. This period was used correctly, engaging the students and letting them know more about this grand event. The Pre-Event included Speak up and Skill up in which the rapt students were vitalized to break the ice by sharing their pre reckoning views towards the technical field. It was followed by a BFX IQ Test of 3 consecutive mental aptitude tests and an Idea Pitch to explore the raw, innovative ideas among the ardent participants. It was sponsored by renowned companies like Codingal, MU Gamma Consultancy, Engineering Parcel. In the end, awards worth 3.75 Lakhs and other exciting prizes were distributed to the top performers.

This resplendent event was inaugurated on inhabiting all the founders of our esteemed sponsoring companies. This was furcated into three individual webinars where we had Sagar Dodeja (ex-IES), Arvind Arora (Motivational YouTubers), Tushar Kansal (clustered from Harvard Business) as our Chief Guests respectively along with our respected Director Prof. Rajiv Shekhar Sir and our other Faculty Coordinator Professors, Prof. Pankaj Mishra, Prof. Ajit Kumar, Prof. Niranjan Kumar, Prof. Tarachand Amgoth, Prof. Arun Dayal Udai without whose endeavor this event would have been impossible. 

Skillathon’21 was predominantly divided into three phases - First was the Learning Phase. Throughout this 1-month Learning phase, the zealous participants were entirely taught about Web Development, App Development, Graphic Designing, Computer Programming, and Robotics, driving parallel with multiple weekly assignments, several internal meets, keeping an eye on attendance tracking, and regular class improvement feedbacks too.

The learning phase was followed by the Quiz Phase of 2 quizzes of both moderate and strenuous levels. Conquesting most of the teachings, the fervent students passed this phase with a gesture up to scratch.

Then the real phase descended- the Project Phase (Grand Finale). This was the phase of implementation of all those technical learnings seized in the past 1 month. In this phase, students actively implemented their absorbed learning through projects on themes like Covid, Indian Culture, Small Business, Corruption, Smart Home Automation, Yoga, Farmers, NGO’s, School/ Hospital Management, and Delivery System. With this engrossed involvement, the three phases provided a colossal opportunity to all the 1000+ participants.

In the meantime, BFX Talks provided a brief knowledge of the technical fields. This also included the future scope of these technical skills and even showed the torch on fading the gloom of the growth of the Technical Companies in the engrossed COVID pandemic. Along with these, the talk also spilled the beans about the Startups’ ideas and keys of its initiation. In this journey, the NGO students were given special guidance and incubation.

Skillathon’21 landed up to step on the Closing Ceremony on the 4th of July with the very eminent Chief Guest Gabe Gabrielle, an engineer from NASA, along with respected Director sir and Faculty conveners, creating a magnificent memory.

Finally, it was the Day of Awards night, the day for which everyone had been twiddling their thumbs. This event was made extra special with the presence of H. C. Verma Sir, the physics hero of all the JEE Aspirants. 

Award prizes of around 3.75 Lakhs and other exciting prizes were awarded to the top performers of each skill. Top performers of Web Development are Bishal Das, Ishaan Kesarwani, Ambreen Gill, Pranjal and Dishita Pandey; of Graphic Designing are Rihan and Sanjay, Shristi Vidyarthi, Karanjeet Mipun, Advika Bansal, Lakshya Sachdeva, and Harnoor Kaur; of Robotics are Yash Singhal, Manan Sharma, Oviyan Gandhi, Aadi, Ayan Garg and AmanSwaroop Chawla; of App Development are Tejas Tanay, Uddipan Goswami, Aditya Kumar, Atharv Vishwas Gupta, Kartavya Vishwas Gupta, and Krishnav Sharma; of Computer Programming are Shreyas Deo, Shresth, Sagar Kumar, Oviyan Gandhi, Manan Sharma, Harsh Gupta & Yash Gupta. 

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